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The amount of moisture in the air contributes to your comfort year-round. When there isn’t enough, it can damage wood furniture, dry skin and possibly sore throats or sinus problems. Our whole house humidifiers add necessary moisture to the air throughout your home for the ultimate comfort.

Performance fan powered humidifier

Performance™ Series Fan-Powered Humidifier

Electric fan-powered to boost airflow and humidity:

  • Affordable solution for large homes
  • Preferred dispersal type for homes with heat pumps
  • Up to 18 gallons of moisture output per day

Performance™ Large Fan-Powered Humidifier


Fan-powered humidifier that can produce up to 17- 18 gallons of water vapor per day.

Top Features

  • Initial Cost: $$
  • Type: Fan powered
  • Whole-Home Humidification: Yes
  • Evaporator pad: Expanded aluminum

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